About the Property

Mimosa Leisure Estate in Clark Freeport Zone is rich in Philippine history. It served as the residential ground of high-ranking officers when Clark Air Base served as a United States’ Air Force military facility. The base at the northwest of Metro Manila signified a firm relationship and collaboration between Filipinos and American during the final months of World War II. Its closure in 1991 prompted the Philippine government to take over the property and redevelop it in to Clark Freeport Zone which is geared to be a hub for economic growth, business, education, tourism and aviation for the country.

The Mimosa Leisure Estate is a sprawling 201-hectare property naturally blessed with a backdrop of running mountains, abundant trees, shimmering lakes and well-maintained landscape. It is widely known for its 150 -hectare golf course, a deluxe hotel, and residential villas. To this day, it continues to be a thriving business and leisure destination that is incessantly patronized by both local and foreign visitors. In 2016, Filinvest Development Corporation was awarded a long term 50 -year lease to redevelop and manage the property.

Project Vision

Filinvest Mimosa+ will be the redeveloped Mimosa Leisure Estate bringing in to realization the property’s fullest potential while still preserving its rich history and pristine natural surroundings. It aims to be the top-of-mind business and leisure destination that will aggressively support the country’s economic growth in the North by evolving in to a green central zone that is home to various thriving industries such as BPOs, hospitality, retail, real estate and gaming.

This plan is for general identification and reference purposes only and is subject to change
without prior notice.